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Str8 4 U [entries|friends|calendar]
Straight Plan for the Gay Man

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Some Straigh Plan-like things that some of you may enjoy. [26 Mar 2004|09:53am]

From iFilms.com: Straigh Eye for the Queer Guy

If someone would get me screen captures from this I would be greatful.

From Hoot Island: Straigh Eye for Some Gueer Guy

"[There has been a steady crashing sound in the background, like a slow garbage compactor. Lucius hurries out to see what's going on and faints dead away. The living room has been transformed, or possibly devolved. Somehow Dave has managed to fill the futon with piles of dirty laundry. There are Playmate posters on the wall, several bags of chips and Cheetos wedged between the couch cushions for easy access, and the makings of an impressive beer can pyramid arising on the coffee table. Even the white carpet has been made somehow darker, with an oily sheen to it. Dave is sprawled across the laundry, trimming his toenails, while Vinnie is reaching under Dave for clothes to examine and discard. Both of them stop what they're doing to watch Lucius drop.

DAVE: Cool, he likes it."
straight up!!

[25 Mar 2004|10:52am]

[ mood | tired ]

I just had to make this community for Straight Plan for the Gay Man. Even though i'll bet no one will join. he he... I just think it's a great show and there have to be other people out there besidescaptainsdc and myself who enjoy it, right? If no one joins I can still post it it and it looks cool... so who really care?

straight up!!

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